Convex Capital Limited (Convex) is committed to a policy of treating all our employees, workers and job applicants equally.

No employee or potential employee will receive less favourable treatment because of any “protected characteristic” as defined by the Equality Act 2010 as:

  1. age
  2. disability
  3. gender reassignment
  4. marriage or civil partnership
  5. pregnancy and maternity
  6. race
  7. religion or belief
  8. sex
  9. sexual orientation

Additionally, no employee, or potential employee, will be disadvantaged by any part-time or fixed-term status or by any conditions of employment that cannot be justified as necessary on operational grounds.

Convex aim to encourage, value and manage diversity and we are committed to equality for our entire workforce. We wish to attain a workforce that is representative of the communities from which it is drawn.

These principles of equality and diversity also apply to the manner in which we treat clients, our business partners and visitors.

Our commitment to our clients

Convex will treat our clients fairly and equally at all times and we will not unlawfully discriminate against our clients. Whilst we are free as a business to decide whether to accept instructions from any particular client or not, where we decide not to accept instructions this will not be based on any protected characteristics.

Convex will take steps to ensure that we meet the diverse needs of our clients. Where necessary, we will devise procedures to deliver services that meet specific needs arising from clients’ ethnic or cultural background, gender, religion or belief, sexual orientation, disabilities, age or other relevant factors. We will do so only where this is permitted by the relevant anti-discrimination legislation.

Convex take seriously any complaint of discrimination by or on behalf of a client and act promptly to investigate.

Our commitment to third parties

Convex will not unlawfully discriminate in our dealings with third parties. We will instruct barristers on the basis of their skills, experience and ability, taking into account factors such as specialist expertise and cost. We will not accept instructions from a client to select a barrister wholly or partly on the presence or absence of a protected characteristic. If necessary, we will cease to act. Where a client requests a specific barrister is instructed, we will discuss the suitability of the barrister with the client and advise appropriately. We will take the same approach when instructing other experts or third parties on the client’s behalf.

Any reference in this statement to suppliers of Convex includes suppliers of goods and services to the firm or our clients, regardless of the geographical location of the supplier. It also includes any outsourcing providers and other third parties involved in the provision of goods or services to the firm or our clients.

Convex suppliers will be selected solely on the basis of their suitability. We will not unlawfully discriminate when selecting suppliers.

Convex take seriously any complaint of discrimination by or on behalf of a third party and act promptly to investigate.