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Alex Bentley


Why are you passionate about working at Convex?

I love working closely with entrepreneurs, learning about their business journey and ultimately delivering them with the best deal possible. Every project is approached differently here - there is no set process.

Why did you decide to join Convex?

I wanted to work for a corporate finance boutique with a driven culture. Everybody at Convex is motivated to perform their best. Working exclusively on sell-side also meant that I was able to develop specialist skills, as well as remain independent and completely committed to the client.

What were you doing before joining Convex?

Before joining Convex I worked in Deals Advisory at a Big Four firm, specialising in recovery services.

Education: ACA Chartered Accountant

Hobbies/Interests: Besides looking shiny in photographs, I enjoy going to the gym, travelling whenever I can and reading/watching/listening to stuff.

CALL ME: 0161 819 2500