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Chris Froggatt


Why are you passionate about working at Convex?

Working with talented people and remarkable clients every day means I have one of the best jobs in the world. No two clients or businesses are the same, the exciting part of my job is building strong relationships with my clients, understanding what they want to achieve and what makes their businesses so special. I feel a fantastic sense of pride when assisting our clients to achieve their goals and ambitions.

Why did you decide to join Convex?

The opportunity to work with owner-managed and entrepreneurial clients was very compelling. We are an owner-managed business ourselves and working with like minded people is very rewarding. We completely understand that a clients' decision to sell their business wholly or even partially is never taken lightly and work tirelessly to achieve a successful result.

What were you doing before joining Convex?

I know I don’t look old enough (!) but I have been advising owner managers and entrepreneurs for 20 years.

What have you worked on?

Education: Economics Degree, Chartered Accountant

Hobbies/Interests: I have 3 young children which means my free time is pretty hectic, active and fun. I am a keen follower of most sports including football, rugby, golf and skiing. I am also a life long Sheffield Wednesday fan and have followed them through thick and thin (although it has been mostly thin over the last 10 years).

CALL ME:+44 (0) 161 819 2500