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Kate Ingram


Why are you passionate about working at Convex?

The opportunity to work with such a wide range of successful businesses is brilliant; it’s great to be able to learn about the workings of businesses from the people who built them up. The team are clearly really driven and committed to achieving the best results, and that is great to be part of!

Why did you decide to join Convex?

I wanted to work with companies in an exciting part of their journey, to be looking into the future and ultimately help owners to get the right value for something they’ve dedicated so much of their time to.

What were you doing before joining Convex?

I worked at one of The Big Four for 4 years, starting out in audit before moving into Deals, specifically restructuring services.

What have you worked on?

Education: Degree in Accounting with French, Chartered Accountant.

Hobbies/Interests: I enjoy playing sport, running and going to the gym and also love socialising over a few drinks or some good food and going on holidays to new places!

CALL ME: +44 (0) 161 819 2500