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Mike Driver


Why are you passionate about working at Convex?

We are part of an incredibly important time in our clients’ lives. The culmination of years of hard work, decisions and sacrifice. It feels like much more than a job when we work with our clients we become part of their business, often in the most important chapter to date. I like to win. There aren’t many better feelings than raising a glass at a completion dinner after a successful outcome.

Why did you decide to join Convex?

I love what I do. I love hearing how entrepreneurs build businesses and we do hear some epic stories; the great ideas, the sizzle, the mistakes we all make, the triumph over adversity. All of this seems to generate a shared bond between those of us crazy enough to think we can change our little corner of the world.

What were you doing before joining Convex?

In 1992 I co-founded my business, M2, operating from a single serviced office with £2,000. In 2006 I sold 39% of that business to ECI partners for £22.5m. We grew from 0-250 employees, from £0-£32m revenue making £3.2m. I was MD, FD, Ops Director and Sales Director along the way, I think this experience helps me understand all aspects of a deal from a client’s perspective. As well as knowing how it feels to build a business, bring a deal to a successful conclusion and what happens afterwards.

What have you worked on?

Education: I do have a degree in Economics and I even did a bit of post grad. I think my real education is years of doing deals in the real world, tens of thousands of hours negotiating with every kind of buyer.

Hobbies/Interests: I have two daughters who keep the Dad Taxi in business. Other than that I get interested in all kinds of stuff: Game Theory, Poker, Sports, Football, Literature, Philosophy, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Movies, Books, TV, Probability and I like a good drink and the craic.

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